Rayborhood TV, Cosmic Krewe & JamCast Network Presents

Tales from the Stage: A Fireside Trumpet Chat

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
4:00PM EST

Tales from the stage is a entertainment lifestyles talk show, which brings together a cadre of A-List jazz , R&B, soul and rock celebrities who exploded onto the global entertainment scene and Billboard Music Charts. Each celebrity guest has garnered a slew of hits, fame and fortune. We will uncover the intrigued and demystify the magic. 

The show was conceptually formatted to be shot on a dark stage, in some of the most beautiful entertainment venues around the world. However, temporarily, due to the current world events, Tales From the Stage is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic by staging the series: showcasing artists at their respective home quarantine locations usually a living room or home studio. 

Renowned jazz vocalist, Laranah Phipps-Ray serves as host and Executive Producer of “Tales From the Stage,” under Cosmic Krewe LLC’s streaming network, “Rayborhood TV”. 

Provocative conversions, delving into the successes and pitfalls, old friends and colleagues reminiscing, controversies, hilarious road stories, backstage war rooms, video footage, photos and music clips from a diverse line up of guests. Tales From the Stage’s line-up includes celebrities, musicians, background singers, promoters, entertainment VIPs and fans, a recognizable cast of characters and a visually stunning opening monologue. 

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